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Medicare and DVA funded online physiotherapy

Due to the coronavirus, self-isolation is a fact of life for many Australians right now.

At The Physio Co we worry that older people are at risk of health problems and complications if they stop excercise and being active.

Self-isolation or reduced planned activities does not mean that your elderly Mum or Dad needs to feel isolated nor stop being active. Our online physio support and exercise programs help both mentally and physically

The Physio Co's caring physiotherapists for elderly people can answer your questions, provide practical advice and help with a personalised exercise program wherever you, your Mum or Dad lives - all done virtually via the phone or internet!

Online Physiotherapy Bulk-Billed Consults

If you have an eligible referral from your GP for therapy sessions funded via Medicare or DVA you can access these services with no out of pocket expense. Check out the details below


What’s included

Pre-consult questions

Education/ advice via phone

Education/ advice via video call

Personalised exercise program


Requirements to access

Medicare phone call

What’s included

Phone review of condition and management advice.

Pre-consult questions
Education/ advice via phone
Education/ advice via video call
Personalised exercise program

Up to 20-min

Requirements to access

Most PopluarMedicare via video call

What’s included

Video call review of condition and management advice.

Pre-consult questions
Education/ advice via phone
Education/ advice via video call
Personalized exercise program

Up to 20-min

Requirements to access

DVA telehealth

What’s included

Video or phone call review of condition and management advice.

Pre-consult questions
Education/ advice via phone
Education/ advice via video call
Personalised exercise program

Up to 25-min

Requirements to access

*These services are available in line with the Australian Governments response to COVID-19. Availability as a bulk billed service will cease on 30th September 2020.

Here’s the story of our client, Jennifer, who, with the help of her daughter and a TPC physio, improved her balance, confidence and walking with online physio consultations…

online physio consultation

Jennifer’s online physio experience

Focus of online physio consultations for seniors

Physio consultations over the internet are more about helping you get the advice and support you need (and less about hands-on treatment – that happens when we see each other in-person).

  1. How can online physio help?Some of the common things our online consultations help with include:
  2. professional and practical advice to stay active and strong;
  3. advice and support to get through aged care facility closure and less activities;
  4. exercises and advice for when there is fewer in-person visits and daily exercise;
  5. another professional opinion on aches, pains & niggles that won’t go away;
  6. advice to help you, or someone you care for, to stay mobile, active and independent for as long as possible.

We’re excited about helping you and/or someone you care for!

  1. If you’d like to book an online consultation with The Physio Co, our caring and experienced team will:
  2. ask you to fill out an online form to get to know you a little & make sure an online consultation will suit;
  3. guide you through how we work together, how online consultations work, how to prepare for the consultation and then book your first appointment;
  4. a physiotherapist will then visit you via a video call for your first appointment;
  5. the physio will listen closely to what pain and/or health problems that are troubling you;
  6. they will then complete an assessment of your injury and /or what’s causing the problem/s.
  7. after the assessment, the physio will create a one-page plan to achieve your health goals**;
  8. once we have agreed on the the plan, your physio will guide you through exercises and / or recommendations to get the best results.

**If you’d like, we can share your goal plan with your family and/or doctor so we all work together on helping you smash your goals


What are the system requirements?

We use an internet browser-based way of connecting for our online consults which is super easy to use. In your appointment confirmation email we’ll send you a hyperlink that you will click on to join your physio in the online consult room. That’s right – no downloads and nothing to install! To have a good video consultation you’ll need:
  • A strong and reliable internet connection
  • A device with a microphone & speakers – these are built into most computers and tablet devices so nothing too fancy needed here.
  • A Video Camera – This will likely be inbuilt into your device. If not, you could easily attach a webcam via a USB cable
  • Browsers & devices you can use: Google Chrome (PCs, Macs & Android devices), Mozilla Firefox (PCs, Macs & Android devices) and Safari (Macs, iPhones & iPads)
Of course! You can join the online consulting room directly in the browser on your iPhone or iPad or by easily grabbing an app (we can help with that!)
Yes! Same as for iPads above.
If you don’t have a camera, video consulting is still possible however we won’t be able to see you:) You will still be able to see your physio and our screen via screen sharing.
You will need these! If not, we’ll need to use the phone instead.

Yes, your sessions are completely private and confidential. The video and audio communication is only visible to your physio and yourself. All notes taken during your consult are stored in a secure practice management system that meets government privacy requirements.

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These are bulk billed services provided you are eligible to receive them. For more info on Medicare eligibility check out a short doc here or for more info on DVA eligibility check here.

You will still need to register a valid payment method with The Physio Co, however, you will only be debited if we are i) unable to claim via Medicare/ DVA as intended and ii) we will notify you first.


If you have private health insurance extras cover you might be eligible for a rebate. Please check with your health insurer.

Many elderly Australians are self-isolating due to the greater threat that the coronavirus presents to this segment of our population.  Self-isolation often results in less activity and not doing any exercise.  This can result in depression, isolation and increased anxiety and worry.  Keeping active and doing regular exercise and the ongoing contact with the friendly support from The Physio Co helps our elderly parents mentally and also importantly exercise is belived to help the immune system.

Interested in knowing more?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team!

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The Physio Co Book Initial Appointment
Instant bookings are coming soon.

In the meantime, please call us on 1300 797 793, fill out the form below or email hello@thephysioco.com to get your first appointment booked.

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